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Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting

advanteges of water jet cutting
  • Short setup time - as tangential forces are minimum, workpieces need normally not be clamped
  • Safe for the operator and the environment - waterjet cutting does not produce vapours or dust and the method does not require costly coolants
  • Ideal method for the production of prototypes and production processes
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Bear Glass Is A Full Glass Fabricator In Brooklyn, NY

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We design and produce traditional and modern glass for domestic, architectural and ecclesiastic spaces.

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Bear Glass Stock Glass Sheets

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Water Jet Services

services of bear glass

pressurized stream of water to cut through ...

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Type Of Glass We Can Cut

types of glass

Bear Glass Water Jet can cut Stained glass, Fusible glass..

type of water jet cutting

Bear Glass Does Water Jet Glass Cutting

water jet cutting

At Bear Glass we pride ourselve by staying up to date and keeping up with latest cutting edge technology. That being said, Bear Glass is excited to introduce our new water jet technology to you!

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Advantages Of Bear Glass Water Jet Cutting

water jet cutting advanteges

Both thin and thick glass materials can be cut and detailed with a precise cutting stream. And because water jet cutting does not vibrate the glass, produce heat-affected zones, or leave behind rough edges, almost no secondary finishing is required...

advanteges of water jet cutting

What Water Jet Cutting Can Do

  • Perform cuts on delicate glass without breaking
  • Cut through glass up to 9” thick
  • Allow intricate design in any shape and size
  • Generate glass products at great speeds
  • Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass.

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